A Pixel For Your Thoughts

Commissioner: FACT (Foundation for Art & Creative Technology)
Location: Kensington Health Care Centre, Liverpool UK
Status: Completed March 2013
Photography: Miriam Sleeman

A large scale living mosaic that highlights sites of note within the Kensington community in an intriguing and playful manner.

It uses words and images collected by children living in the Kensington area, inspired by the local community and the five ways of wellbeing: Take notice, Give, Keep learning, Be active and Connect.

Up close you can see the individual images and words, these act as the small ‘pixels’, as they are brought together to create a large image.

From further away, the overall image reveals itself, shimmering with the subtle and gentle movement of content within each pixel.

Miriam worked with Kensington Primary School and Kensington Children’s Centre on the creation of the content through a series of specifically designed creative workshops; with creative software developer James Bailey on the generative software; and Arciform on its physical construction.




© miriamandtom