Light Shadows

Commissioner: London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
Location: Normand Park, London UK
Status: Completed 2009
Photography: Miriam Sleeman

A family of 9 interactive lighting columns in Normand Park, each reside next to their respective tree. As individuals pass lights ‘grow’up the trunk of the tree and along the canopy.

Lower lights project mottled leaf patterns on the trunk of the tree while the upper lights project light down through the canopy of the tree producing natural foliage shadows along the ground.

The design of the columns was developed with local residents and was informed by the form and height of the trees.

As lead project designer and manager whilst working in previous practice, the project was completed alongside the Kinnear Landscape architects.

This project was designed, project managed and delivered whilst at Jason Bruges Studio.

The park won the Landscape Institute Award in 2009.



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