O2 Memory Project

Client: O2
Location: London, Edinburgh, Liverpool UK
Status: Completed April 2008
Photography: Tom Sloan and Jason Bruges Studio
Video: Tom Sloan

An eight meter wide aluminium drum is divided into 12 segments. 11 segments contain SLR digital cameras, the 12th is a doorway. Each camera takes a picture every 5 seconds. Every minute a panorama is captured and displayed inside the drum on 11 flat screens. Each panorama is then uploaded to a website for remote viewing. There are thermal cameras in the ceiling, which map the movement of people inside the drum. The closer a person is to a screen, the further back in time the image is displayed on the screen. The viewer is able to adjust the image relative to one’s location. The cyclorama travelled to three cities in the UK: London, Edinburgh and Liverpool as a study into the temporal nature of digital memory. The piece was commissioned by O2, the UK’s leading telecommunications company to promote ‘Bluebook’, a cloud storage service. The project was completed at Jason Bruges Studio.




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