Commissioner: Quintain
Location: Bobby Moore Bridge, Wembley Park, London UK
Status: Completed November 2019
Photography: Andras Kare

Crossover is a permanent artwork that envelopes Bobby Moore bridge in Wembley Park.

Its distinctive visual characteristic reflects the complex makeup of the community that live and pass through Wembley on a day to day basis.

Taking its palette from the surrounding area, these bands of colours have been arranged in deliberate angular contrast to the dynamic arrangement of the architecture, blending itself into the urban fabric whilst simultaneously standing apart from it.

Located at the station end of Olympic Way, Crossover acts as a marker of both arrival and departure, bringing a daily sense of celebration of Wembley and the constant crossover of people and events which the bridge is witness to.

Crossover is a digital media content based artwork by miriamandtom. It displays across the lighting system hardware specified by Spiers and Major and fabricated and installed by The Light Lab. The overall refurbishment of Olympic Way and Bobby Moore Bridge was conducted by Dixon Jones Architects.

© miriamandtom