Kai Tak Turn

Commissioner: Nan Fung
Location: 2 Concorde Road, Kai Tak, San Po Kong, Hong Kong
Status: Completed September 2023
Photography: miriamandtom | Andras Kare

Kai Tak Turn is one in a series of commissioned sculptures located throughout Airside that is conceived of a marriage between Fabric and Flight – ‘Fabric’ being Nan Fung’s history in the textile trade and ‘Flight’ being Kai Tak’s history as an airport.

It is a monument to the thrilling nature of the arrival into Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong.

Its shape is a direct reference to the dramatic sweeping-turn each plane made as it came into landing – a manoeuvre that relied on the skillfulness of the pilot and one that created a uniquely theatrical and unforgettable experience of arrival into Hong Kong.

Its form and aluminium construction references aviation wings and the fluidity of its surface references the movement of fabric in the wind.

The stitch-like pattern etched into the surface is derived from aerial view cloud formations. It evokes both the sense of a physically woven upholstery as well as an ephemeral twinkle of sun reflecting off clouds, conjuring the sense of magic and possibility that is experienced when flying high in the sky.

Dimensions: 4.45 x 1.2 x 0.98m

Material(s): Bead Blasted and Polished Aluminium

© miriamandtom